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Since 1982 Building Enterprises has been building sales programs to increase the market penetration of our client companies. Due to the current economic downturn, we have found that many companies are cutting back on their sales expenses and even laying off their business development people. This is a big mistake, in our view, because this is cutting the life blood of the enterprise.

To help companies overcome these issues, Building Enterprises has developed the Selling PODS™ business model, which employs the concept of “Leverage By Sharing.” Similar to a co-op where multiple farmers share the cost and use of an expensive tractor or combine, Selling PODS™ are a low-cost entry point to a full service sales team.

With our decades of expertise in selling to diverse markets, Building Enterprises is well suited to taking on this endeavor. Building Enterprises provides to our clients a VP of Sales, Sales Management, Outside Sales, Inside Sales teams and various Marketing functions on an outsourced basis. Our clients would be happy to tell you about how we have helped them achieve selling success – just ask us for a list of references.

The Selling PODS™ system incorporates a full sales team shared by several non-competing companies wishing to sell various products or services to a common target market. The key is to get five or more companies in one sales “POD” to share the cost of this sales and marketing team. Each POD member, as represented by different colored “peas” in this diagram, will have a common interest in a specific set of prospects

Rather than supporting the cost of their own sales and marketing team, the POD members share these resources at a much lower cost. Such an arrangement offers not only cost leverage, but also surprising synergies through referrals and cross-selling. POD members are tied together with their target markets through specialized content websites, social networking tools and other shared services to maximize leverage and collaboration.

Common Target Market for PODS POD Concept

Building Enterprises is in the process of building several Selling PODS™:

  • Turnaround, Shutdown & Maintenance POD – targeting the Refinery and Petrochemical market;
  • PetroComputing POD – targeting the Upstream Oil & Gas Software market; and
  • Financial and Tax POD – targeting CFOs at mid-sized organizations.

To join one of these, learn more, or start a Selling PODS™, contact us at 713-867-9010 or send an e-mail to

Buddy Rhodes at


To join a Selling POD call: 713-867-9010.

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