BEI Selling PODS™

BEI Selling PODS(TM) Getting Started

Getting Started:

Our executive sales management team will interview you, your management and business development team as required to analyze your specific corporate expertise and develop a strategic plan that will provide an optimal solution within your specific Selling PODS™.

We follow a rigid process that we know works in providing sales for our clients.

The Strategic Planning Session:

Our knowledgeable and experienced professionals will interview the key players within your organization, either in person or via teleconference. Our goal is to get a thorough understanding of your company’s specific expertise. Within our strategic sales planning we will identify who all the key decision makers are within our targeted market. We will determine the appropriate sales and marketing materials required to establish, build and maintain a relationship for our sales program.

The Sales Plan

Once we have a thorough understanding of your expertise and objectives, we will develop the best solution to increase sales for your company.  We will determine the appropriate marketing materials to use as we progress in our sales cycle, the key individuals within your organization to present technical information, proposals, quotes and contracts with key prospects as they are qualified.


After the Sales Plan has been approved and finalized, our team will move to implementation. We will introduce you to your contract Chief Sales Officer. As outlined in all of our agreements, our responsibility includes facilitation of the sales process required to grow your business.


Now that the program has been implemented, it is our responsibility to provide superior customer service to the participants and timely performance measurement results to your team. Your contracted Chief Sales Officer has been well trained on the specifics of your particular program. In addition, through our Strategic Planning meeting, everyone involved in making your program a success has been trained on the specifics of your program.

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