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What a few of our clients have said about our Inside Selling Teams:

“Their effort has brought some work in the door for us. Building Enterprises works hard to keep our name in front of our potential clients,” La Faver said. “The people they employ are educated and communicate well. I have been very pleased with how they’ve handled our account. They know what questions to ask and when to call. We’ve been pleased.”
U.S. Design & Construction: Tom La Faver, president of U.S. Design & Construction

“We provided Building Enterprises with a list of potential clients with general names and numbers, and they did all the work. Once they found the decision makers and the potential customers were interested in Certified’s services, Building Enterprises sent out written material to share more about our company. After that, they would follow up to ensure that the information was received and understood. Building Enterprises followed up until it is determined that we would be a good fit for a prospect’s needs,” Theiss said. “We wanted to feel comfortable that Building Enterprises could effectively represent an industrial general contractor. They’ve done a good job and have taken the time to learn about our company’s services.”
Certified Technical Services: Jim Theiss, president of Certified Technical Services

“Building Enterprises follows up on leads we obtain from magazine and newspaper articles. For example, if we read that a new plant is being built, they will find out who is doing the construction and engineering. They keep tracking it until the right people are found, getting us to the point where we can schedule a site visit,” Miller said. “This kind of legwork can be very time consuming. We needed a system in place to track this activity and Building Enterprises was a good choice. Our business is always growing, but Building Enterprises’ assistance has contributed greatly.”
HydroChem Industrial Services: Dennis Miller, a sales engineer with HydroChem

“We give them criteria, make sure it’s understood and they make the calls. Then they qualify the companies they speak with to determine if they need the services we provide. We go from there. I don’t have time to do all the research to locate potential buyers; I want to focus my time on selling to qualified prospects,” Silberman said. “The leads that have been generated from our relationship with Building Enterprises have contributed to $200,000 in revenues in two years — from a $30,000 investment. We expect to generate even more each year with their help.” 
NAI Partners Commercial: Jon Silberman

“I was initially concerned about outsourcing part of our sales process. Now, I can honestly say that I never had any problem with prospects thinking that my account representatives at Building Enterprises were anything but representatives of Gilbane,”
Matt Daniel, Gilbane Building Co. 



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